Starry Night

Like many wineries, the story of Starry Night starts at the amateur level. In the fall of 1996, with a passion for wine sprinkled with a little bit crazy, Wayne Hansen, Bruce Walker, and friends hand crushed a few hundred pounds of grapes in Wayne’s basement. The result: 50 cases of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay that adorned the dinner tables of friends and family. Experimenting with a blend of traditional old world and new winemaking techniques, we were most excited when working with Zinfandel and Syrah. Our focus on the Rhone varietals has led to numerous awards and many enjoyable evenings around the dinner table.

After several years of home winemaking, we applied for and received our bond in the fall of 1999. Over the next 16 years, we’ve steadily grown from 50 cases to almost 10,000 annually. We source small batch, high-quality fruit from local passionate growers. By keeping our production small (each vintage and varietal is usually less than 1,000 cases), we are able to pay attention to every detail in the winemaking process. Our minimalist winemaking style allows for the true expression of the varietal, terroir, and the vineyard appellation.

We have now worked with some of our growers for multiple harvests and we have added several new growers that share our passion for small-lot wines. Our grower relationships and production efficiencies allows us to compete with the more moderate pricing of mass-produced wines, but maintain the quality of single vineyard and winemaker small-lot selections.

Join us a celebrate Zinfandel.